Smart Anti Snoring Device

  • Why we make anti-snoring device?

  • We create our products is because millions of people from all over the world are been suffering from snoring for a long time and can not find a good solution.

  • Our Anti-Snore Device is a more healthier and effective solution to snoring.

  • The anti-snoring devices have four generation since the first Gen snore circle product-earphone type launched by Dec, 2014. In order to improve the effect and function, we worked on the next V2, V3, until now V4, the eye mask type, which is more comfortable than previous generation.


About Theory

  • Snoring is caused by the flaccid muscles of the throat, which blocked the airways and caused the airways too narrow.

  • Our product uses the advanced bone-conduction and sound recognition technology, snore circle precisely identifies snoring voice and then intervention, and the intervention have 54 levels power strength, from weak to strong, with a physical vibration on the eye mask module. While the vibration transfers sign to our brain and this guide body muscles reaction as tightening. When throat muscles tighten, the airways become widen, and airways go through smoothly, and the snoring be reduced.


Function and Advantage


Beurer (OEM)

  • Germany Company who focus on health and well-being products. Beurer sells the earphone type device for about 2 yrs, online, flight magazine as well as offline shops. They are now working on the eye mask type which will launched into market by end Sep, 2019.



  • Have ever sell earphone type device in CVS shops