Smart Bone Conduction Hearing-Aids Glasses


Model: VA-G2 Hearing-Aids Glasses


Model: VA-G2 Hearing-Aids Glasses

Model: VA-G2 Hearing-Aids Glasses

  • Use the latest bone conduction core technology to let the sound pass the skull directly reaches the auditory nerve and changes the traditional listening formula.

  • Rechargeable battery with the magnetic charging ports,and intelligent charging management system.One week use for one time charge.

  • Bone conduction sound: Physical output, Efficient sound transmission.

  • Non-in-ear Style: Free ears, Comfortable and Healthy

  • Unique Design: Audio and Visual Unity, Privacy Protection.

  • Excellent material 4A:  Aviation Aluminum, Ultra-light and Anti-corrosion.

Model: VA-G2 Hearing-Aids Glasses

  • Air conduction loss people:

  • Hearing impaired people with air-induced hearing impairment, for example, partial eardrum perforation, otitis media, and other hearing loss caused by deafness and tinnitus.

  • External ear defect people:

  • Part of congenital external ear hypoplasia, such as external auditory canal atresia, conductive tinnitus, traumatic deafness, hearing loss caused by sudden deafness, etc.

Model: VA-G2 Hearing-Aids Glasses